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Dawg, FC was SOOOOO much FUN! I got to meets lots of critters including some fur friends that I yipped about before! We dances, and ran around and played tricks on people and pushed all the elevator buttons and giggled at the people who were drinking the silly water and ooooh'd at all the colors people wore when they danced and ate lotsa fud (but no roadrunners sadly)!!! I was very happy even though it rained a lot. So much fun and it felt like it was a looooooooooooooooong time! I went with Scruff E Yotie of course! We shared a bed and stayed up really late laffin' and howling and yowling and making people throw stuffs at us!

Me and Yotie got to be in the Critterlympics this year! I gave myself a different name so nobody would recognize me. I was told I couldn't play anymore cuz I keeped breaking the props, heeheehee, but they didn't know it was me! When we played the sled pull game (My favorite!) My team crashed a lot and we tangled up the kitty! I felt a lot and people were laffing, but it was good fun! We didn't win, but I think the other teams gave the judge guy treats under the table. Booooooooooo!!!

Scruffy came to visit me for Valentines day and we gave each other cards! It's really fun to share cards with close friends. ^_^ I put a video of the kinda card he gave me, but this is not the same one. It is still funny though!

Oooh! And if Yotie isn't sick, we're gonna get together this weekend and go be pups with a lotta other people! I hope they don't call the dawg pound on us if we're not wearing collars and leashes!
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Jan. 17th, 2010 @ 06:00 am Hello internet!!!
Current Mood: excitedexcited
HI AGAIN internet peoples and fuzzles!

I has lots to woof about so let's gooooooo!

Halloween! I gots to dress up like a zombie! I rawred and scared lotsa people, EVEN grown ups! I laughed and then they laughed and gave me candy! How come when I scare people on other days they don't gimme candy? Scruffy was also a zombie! He wasn't the same kind as me though, he was a skeleton zombie, and he didn't pounce around growling and barking like I did. He just stood there and lotsa people came to talk to him! Some were too scared, but I think he made a lot of them laugh and we all had good times! ^_^ I can't wait for next Halloween!

Thanksgiving! Me and Yotie didn't get to eat roadrunner together this year...but our moms were able to find one without our help! Me and Yotie tried to catch one all year for them, but never did cuz they are too fast. Also, all our plans broked and ACME didn't give us a refund! I'm glad our mamas caught one for us! I sure wish they would teach us how to do that! I called Scruffy on the phone and we talked for a little bit. ^_^ So much food! I'm glad we don't eat like that every day, cuz then I would get fat and then I REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEALLY couldn't catch a roadrunner with Scruffy!

Kristmas! I wasn't really a good pup this year, so Santa Yote may have passed over my home...but I was good to Scruffy and he got me a puppy! Here's a picture! I don't know who that girl is, but she didn't come with the puppy. I'm glad, cuz EWW girls have fleas! She probably smells like perfume too...blech! Isn't he cute?! I don't have a name for him yet, but he's so cute and he's really big! I love him so much, thank you, Scruffy!

Scruffy came to visit me on New Years! We had a party at my house wiff my mama and other family! We were loud and howled and banged stuff and made lotsa noise when it was midnight! We also had some funny tasting punch again and I got dizzy...Yotie and I laid down to watch TV, but we fell asleep really fast! I don't remember what happened...we were wide awake, had some punch, and got really tired. I hope it's not some medicine mama put in our drink to make us tired!

YAY! All caught up! Guess what's coming now? YUP! FURTHER CONFUSION!

I can't wait to go! I hope nothing bad happens like all the other times I went. Stuff was always breaking where ever I went! I'll try to be careful this time! If anyone spots me, gimme a hug and I'll squeeze ya as tight as I can! RUFF! Scruffy and I are gonna share a room again this year! We are gonna get there Wednesday! Wow! That's only 3 more days! PARTY TIME! I hope to see you all there!
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Aug. 8th, 2009 @ 10:00 pm (no subject)
Current Mood: excitedexcited
Harrooooooo out there!

Have you all been good? I've been trying my best too! It's really hard to be good when visiting Scruffy though. We just have so much fun camping and hiking and skateboarding and visiting new and old friends for sleep overs and going to BBQ's. Life is really neat sometimes! Just last time, we went went to the beach TWO TIMES! First time, we went with our friends bear and fox and we buried the Al, the bear and Scruffy! When Al got out of the sand, we buried his Fox friend, Dex, too! The water felt neat and the waves were REALLY BIG! So big that they knocked me down a lot and made me fall upside down in the water. I got water in my ears. :(

The next time we went to the beach, we were with friends coyote (who's name is Wolfe) and his friend Taren (who is a tigerwolf...thingy) How did that happen? The waves weren't as big this time, but the water was really warm! Me and Scruffy had a lot of fun in the water. Wolfe and Taren didn't wanna get in though, so they just talked on the beach while me and Scruffy played and went for walks to explore!

We watched TV when at Scruffy's house and went for walks and woofed and yipped with his mama and papa. They're really nice! I like em a lot! ^_^ I don't know why, but I still get really shy around them...maybe cuz they're all grown up already? I don't know! His mama cooks very good food, and Scruffy tells me it's really healthy too! MmmmmMMMmmmm!!!

On one of my last nights with Scruffy, we had a kinda long walk. I wanted to walk more, but we were hungry, so we got food and watched TV and talked a lot. Boy it's not hard to talk with Scruffy around!

He's gonna come to my place in a couple weeks and stay the night! THEN, we're gonna go celebrate a friend's birfday! I met him before...he's a blue and red chicken thingy! *licks his chops* I'll bet he'd be tasty if cooked...but he's so big! I think his name is Super Jayhawk. He dresses like a superhero! That's neat! I wish I had a superhero costume! Hey, ya know what? My fur has been starting to change color...I wonder if that's a superpower too? Maybe I can turn invisible! *looks at his slightly tanning brown fur* Anyway, it's his birfday soon and we're gonna have a fun time celebrating with him and seeing some more friends who are also gonna go!

Oh yeah! We're gonna go camping too with lots of critters who we both know! That's gonna be really neat! After all that, I don't know what we're gonna do, but it's gonna be an adventure, that's fer sure!
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Apr. 6th, 2009 @ 11:00 pm It's rain time!
Current Mood: sillysilly
I miss the rain. The man on TV said it's supposed to rain tomorrow! I can't wait! It's been getting warmer and warmer, but it's gonna be really cool tomorrow again! Ruff! Two weekends ago, I went to visit Yotie at his parent's house! They are really nice and they have nice smiles and offer me cookies and fruit. I like to talk with them, but sometimes I get shy and don't know what to say, and they just smile. They've been in love for a really long time I think...and they still go dancing almost every week! I wish I knew how to dance, cuz that looks like fun! Yotie is lucky to have such nice parents! Mine are nice too. ^_^

Last weekend, I took the bunny boy to go visit Kitty and local Yote. He had a good time and made friends with Yote easy! I was glad that Yote didn't eat him cuz he's such a nice bunny. I would be sad if he did that. We went to a carnival! It didn't have rides, just a lot of stores with food and little toys. They called it Big Hat Day, but nobody was wearing big hats! I got to stay up reeeeeeeeeeally late that night. This weekend, I am going to visit Yotie again! This time, we're going to go help a foxy and a bear move to their new domain. Then Yotie's mama said I could stay for Easter Dinner! I don't know if I will though, cuz my mama might want me home by then. Oh well, we're gonna have some good fun when I get there!

Oh, I might get to live in the mountains this summer, but I don't know yet. I'll tell ya if I get to go or not. ^_^
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Mar. 23rd, 2009 @ 05:00 pm Springtime!!!
Current Mood: satisfiedsatisfied


WOOF! HEY EVERYONE! Did you know that Friday was the first day of Spring this year?! It's been very beautiful outside! Except, it was REAAAAAAAALLLY cold this morning. There was even ice on the windows! I drew a happy face on it! ^_^

But yeah! It's been a really beautiful day! It's windy and warm at the same time. It's nice to lay outside on the grass and just look at the clouds float by. I even saw one shaped like a wolf chasing a bunny! But the bunny dug a hole in another cloud and got away and lightning attacked the wolf. Poor guy! It has rained a lot too, but not all day. There's lots of spotty gray and white clouds and lots of blue sky. So it's cold, but when the sun hits you, you feel perfect! I almost fell asleep outside, but the blossoms kept landing on my nose, so I eated them.

How come flowers don't taste as good as they smell?

I haven't gone outside a whole lot cuz mama says that the weather is changing so fast I would get sick. Is that how people get "Spring Fever?"

Anyway, I think she's just being silly. Oh, speaking of silly! Our bird Lolita growls at me every time I walk up to her. She doesn't like me and she used to try to bite me. Then I would growl at her, and that's how she learned. She doesn't do it right though. She's kind of like Scruff E when he growls. Really cute and you just wanna pounce hug em! Scruffy is really funny when he tries to be big and growl. His chest puffs out and he shows his teeth, but he's such a good friend of mine that he doesn't look scary at all!

Oh! A couple weeks ago, I got to go to the mountains! It was really beautiful! it was Spring and Winter. I took pictures if you wanna see 'em! I wish the yotie came with me...I know he would've loved it and we could've built a snowpup. I promised I wouldn't do that without him.

It's been a REALLY LONG TIME since I've seen the Yotie...so I am going to go visit him on Friday and I get to spend 2 whole nights with him! I think we might go camping again, but we don't know where. ^_^ It's really exciting when it happens so fast like this! If we had more days, I'd ask him if we could camp in lots of different places for a long time. It would almost be like living there!

*yawns* Well, I'm kind of sleepy already. Wow, it's very early in the afternoon. I guess spring makes me so energetic that I get tired a lot sooner! Maybe I just need a nap. ^_^ Woof with you all later! *hugs*
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Feb. 18th, 2009 @ 06:00 pm Valentine's Day!!!!!
Current Mood: bouncybouncy


Heehee! I'm posting kinda late cuz umm...I was gone again on a trip! ^_^ My favorite yotie scruff_e_coyote came to visit me for the weekend! YAAAAAY!!!!! I was reeeeeally happy to see him again cuz we always have grrrrreat adventures together!

This weekend, first thing we did was go out to eat! I was really hungry for some steak...RUFF!!! *whimpers* But the place had a lot of people there. How come so many people want steak today? Oh well. We went to see "BOLT"! :D Wow! He is 5 human years old but still acts like a puppy! I wanna be just like him when I grow up! He's a big movie star and gets to play whenever he wants and has a beautiful house out in the country with lots of room to run around and play. ^_^ If Scruff E. could live with me out in the country like that, I would be so happy! Bolt reminded me a lot of me and Scruff E. too. Yotie said I make noises and faces like Bolt sometimes...it made me happy. :) Oooh yeah! Before the movie started, we walked around for a while and just woofed and played and went into a 99 treasure (cent) store and looked at all the cheap stuff for fun. :) And we also had lots of popcorn and lemonade while we sawed the movie. ^_^

We didn't get to have a steak cuz the restaurants were too buzy for us canines. I was a little sad, but then Yotie remembered a place I pointed out on the way to the movies called "The Dog House Grill"! What a perfect name for 2 loving canines. ^_^ Scruff had TWO WHOLE Tri-Tip tacos...they were good! I know cuz he let me taste em! I had a gigantic MONSTER BURGER! Ooooh ruff....it was the tastiest burger I've ever had cuz it tasted like barbecue without the barbecue sauce! It was so juicy and .....mmmmmmmMMMMMMmmmmm! We shared some fries too and those were also very tasty. YAY cuz yotie insisted we try the place! I never said no, but I think he thinks I didn't wanna go there. :P

We went to the store to get some drinkies after that, and then we went over to the Hoss's house an hour away! Equus and Flare were already asleep when we got there, so we were quiet when we went to our bedroom. It was a very fun weekend! We went to sleep after woofing a while and I gave the Yotie lots of hugs cuz I was so happy to see him still. ^_^ When we woked up, we had breakfast! Then Yotie and I went for a reeeeeally long walk and talked a lot and it was really pretty in the mountains cuz it was really green. When we got back from our walk, we got into the Hoss's hot tub! RUFF! It felt SOOOOOOOOO NICE! Only half the hot tub was open, so Scruff and I had to be close. After the hot tub, Flare made us a nummy salad with cheese and dressing and little Chinese noodle thingies! :D When nighttime came, yotie and I said g'night to the Hoss's and goodbye to Equus since he had to leave early in the morning.

That night, Scruff E. and I had some funny tasting drink. The bottle said it was a nummy Iced Tea, but the word "Long" was crossed out and it said "Rum Num Island". My head got funny and I was laughing a lot and talking a lot too. So was Scruff E! It tasted REALLY good too cuz we put some tasty red cherries in the drinkies. ^_^ I want some more!

On Monday, we said bye bye to Flare and Scruff E brought me home. I was a little sad cuz I like being with him...but we had a lot of good times, and I know we'll have many more, so it's okay! I hope I can go visit HIM next time. :)

Today while I went for my walkies, there were a LOT LOT LOT of people on the road by the house all the way down and up the street! There were also LOTS of police! I asked them what was going on and they pushed me back and told me Pup's shouldn't be going for walks this far by themselves. I told them "I'm this many!!!" and showed them my paws, but they didn't listen to me and I had to get back. There was a bike race happening! I remember one of the biker's names cuz he is famous I think. His name was Lance Armstrong. Hahaha! That's a funny name. Lance is a bit pointy stick and Armstrong? I wonder if he's strong like Popeye. I waited for a long time and the people finally let me get close cuz I wasn't going away. More police came and behind them were LOTS AND LOTS of peoples on bikes! I wanted to chase them, but the police said I would get in trouble if I did. I wish I had a bike so I could go racing too! I cheered at them as they came by and TWO of the bikers, including Lance Armstrong threw me their water bottle and a candy bar! Well, not a candy bar...an energy bar. I tooked a picture of it! I will put it at the end. ^_^ They were really nice guys! Too bad they couldn't stop to talk...they were in a hurry I think. I don't know where the race finished either.

When I got home, our bird Lolita was being loud and bothering me. My mom was talking to her and fixing her cage and feeding her, so the bird was even louder. I have a video of the birdie! That will be after the picture too. ^_^ So it's been a very good weekend and week! It's been raining a lot, except today it was very clear and nice outside. ^_^

Water Bottles and Snack Bars from Bikers!
(Oh yeah! The blue and white one is from Lance.) *tailwags*

My mama was mad at Lolita
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Feb. 8th, 2009 @ 11:00 pm I love walkies!!!
Current Mood: gigglygiggly
RUFF! Hiya everyone! I've been stuck at home so I haven't been able to go on many adventures like I wanna, but that's okay! Sometimes you can find fun close to home. ^_^ I went for walkies up to the "dang" (I still can't say the other bad word yet). I walked a little snow cuz I was sniffing everything on the way! It has been raining a lot, so everything smells really clean! Except the cars...they throw a lot of smoke out and blech!

When I was up at the dang, I sitted for a while and just loved the feel of the cold wind hitting my fur. It was sprinkling a little, and I didn't have a hat, so I hid under a tree so I wouldn't get sick again. ^_^ It was REEEEEAAAALLLLY pretty! It was raining with clouds over us, but it was clear where the sun was setting, so it looked like a golden curtain falling all over the place! I turned around the other way, and saw the moon coming up cuz it was clear over there too! It got brighter and brighter as the sun went down, but when you turn around to watch the sun set, it got orange and pink and purple and still shiny gold and I sawed a rainbow too! I think there were 2...maybe my eyes were being funny. I just sat down and watched it all for a little bit until it stopped sprinkling, then I went back home AFTER I climbed a big hill and stood at the top! I felt really tall! I wanted to run down the hill, but the grass was too tall and it tripped me. :( I had to shake a lot cuz my fur got really wet since it just rained. The clouds kept changing color and got darker...I had to keep stopping to look cuz it was like a cartoon! And I saw lots of birds flying high in a big V. I think they were trying to spell something, but all they did was writed "V" "V" "V"...they don't know their letters like I do! *wags*

When I got home, I was cold cuz it was windy and I was still a little wet, but I didn't get sick! I wanted to take pictures, but my camera is broken... :( Well, my camera isn't broken, but the little card the camera eats doesn't work...it races whenever I put it in the computer and all the pictures disappear. -_- Ooh yeah! So I got home and was wet and shooked before I went in the house. Our bird was outside and he was yelling at the neighbors cat by saying "Shut up! Shut up!" And then the cat ran away and the bird started yelling out "MOOOOOOM! MAMAAAAAAA!" I just laughed cuz she's a silly bird and copies everything someone says. I even teached her how to growl! She doesn't like me though...she hisses and bites at me all the time when I walk by her. Psst! I think she knows I was the one who tried to eat her...I was putting salt in her tail cuz someone told me they can't fly if you do that...but they lied.

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Feb. 1st, 2009 @ 12:00 am Further Confusion 2009 - Surf Safari!!!
Current Mood: mischievousmischievous
The theme confused me until Scruff E. explained to me. I thought we surfed in the tropical rain forest...but that would be scary with the nibble fish in the river AND there are no waves! Then I thought maybe we take a safari to the beach, but all the beach aminals are in the water, so that didn't work either....but when he told me it was just fun at the beach? RUFF! I had a LOT of fun and WOW! There were SOOOOOO many critters! I never seen so many before even at other Further Confusions. :D I saw Yoties (YES! More than just Scruff E.) I can't remember all the yotes, but there was Scruff E. Yippee, Bacon, Isaac, Hegdish and...ruff, just so many yoties. SOOOO many wuffies too. I can't even name them all! Lots of kitties and lizards, dragons, raptors, bears...ooh, and there were bunnies! RUFF! I wanted to chase them all over, but they were bigger than me and I didn't want to get in trouble again. :( They look fun to hug though! And there were LOTS of pretty birds too! Oooh RUFF! There was also the abomidibble snowman! WOOOOOW! He was REEEEEEAAALLY tall! Taller than everyone else!

I had lots of fun spending time with Scruff E. and Marjan and Furahi. I always be with them at least some time during the fun! Furahi even helped me dress as a different husky named Dooey so nobody would know it was me! Scruff E and Marjan figured it out though. Thank you, Furahi for that! It was REAAALLLY fun!

There was lots of good food and games and dances and funny plays at the Furry Night Live and the masquerade. When we left the masquerade, we had snow cones! MmmmmmmmmMMmmmmmm. I had rootbeer. ^_^ The lady let me make my own so I added LOTS of rootbeer!

Oooh, did you know that Scruff E is famous? Uh-huh! He was on stage performing with music and that witch doctor guy from Scooby Doo and a bunny who he liked...but the mean bunny ran away with the witch doctor. Poor Yotie. And then Yippee really made me laugh so much when he was dancing around this guy named "Emobird" "Bird bird bird, bird is the word" LOLOLOLOL!!!! *rolls on the floor howling and laughing* Gosh...it was so great! Then lots of critters came and danced with him including Scuff E...and...!!! OH my DAWG! is that JD? It is! I got to see JDPuppy again! Wow...I think he's my hero. ^_^ He's another pup who knows how to have lots of fun! I still didn't get to woof with him...I'm too shy, but maybe someday! Oh yeah! I saw another neat puppy too! BOLT! Wow, he looks just like he did in the movies! He was a crazy pup too and looks like he'd be fun to play with. *tailwags*

So ruff...lots of food, lots of parties, lots of old friends and new friends, and just...RUFF! It was so much fun!

Oh yeah...and a lot of people got sick after the convention, even me! *frumps* I can't go outside and play cuz I've been sick for a few days. I'll get better soon though...and when I do...

P.S.!!! And a lot of people liked the badge I made for Scruff E.! ^_^ A couple even asked if I take commissions. Arf...I don't think I could ever take jackpots from someone for just drawing and having fun. Maybe I'll just do one for them someday if I remember. ^_^
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Jan. 21st, 2009 @ 04:24 am FIIIIIIISSSSSHHHHH!!!!!!!
Current Mood: excitedexcited
Scruff E. comes over today! (I should be asleep, but I was coloring!) ^_^ You can find me and the yotie by looking at our pictures that we are gonna put on our door! You remember the one I did for yotie? Well, I colored another one! I'll bet nobody will find me at FC this time! I'm a good hider!

RUFF! YAY! Time for another adventure. ^_^
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Jan. 18th, 2009 @ 05:00 am YOU CRAZY KITTIES!!!
Current Mood: grumpygrumpy
*YAAAAAAAAAAWNS* Why do you kitties think it's funny to sing in the middle of the night? Don't you know that we growing pups need our sleep?! "MEOW MOW MEOW MOW HISS HISS PHFTPHFT". GRRRRRRRRR!!! I'm trying to sleep! *opens his window and barks and growls and throws his shoes at the cats* HEY! QUIET!!!

I don't even know what they are saying! It's just a bunch of loud sounds and I think one of them was playing the drums too. (Hmm....that would be fun to try.) And THEN...not only can I not get my sleepies, but the neighbor lady got mad at me and told my mom that I was yelling at the cats and woke her up and I gots in trouble. :( Nothing happened to the cats, but I got in trouble for being loud and staying up late. It's the kitties fault though! Don't you know we doggies have very good hearing? And very good smelling too...you kitties smell really bad sometimes. Maybe that's why kitties don't sniff each other the same way dogs do...cuz they smell so BAD! *giggles* I know some nice kitties though, like bluedigitalcat. He's kind of a quiet kitty, and he's pretty cuz his fur is blue! He's very soft and doesn't wake up pups when they're sleeping! I also know namiel. He's kind of a good kitty, but he likes to play with my tail too much and GRRRRRR! He needs a ball of yarn to play with. My grandma lives far away though, so I don't have any ball of yarn handy. But, he doesn't sing in the middle of the night either, and he has a fluffy mane thingy. That's all the kitties I know right now...maybe more nice ones will woof with me some day and tell me what those other crazy cats are singing about.

I try to go back to sleep now. Hee...since I can't be loud out the window at the kitties, my mama got me a water gun so I can shoot at them and make them go away. It's really cold outside too, so that's what they get!!! *tailwags*
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