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Feb. 8th, 2009 @ 11:00 pm I love walkies!!!
Current Mood: gigglygiggly
RUFF! Hiya everyone! I've been stuck at home so I haven't been able to go on many adventures like I wanna, but that's okay! Sometimes you can find fun close to home. ^_^ I went for walkies up to the "dang" (I still can't say the other bad word yet). I walked a little snow cuz I was sniffing everything on the way! It has been raining a lot, so everything smells really clean! Except the cars...they throw a lot of smoke out and blech!

When I was up at the dang, I sitted for a while and just loved the feel of the cold wind hitting my fur. It was sprinkling a little, and I didn't have a hat, so I hid under a tree so I wouldn't get sick again. ^_^ It was REEEEEAAAALLLLY pretty! It was raining with clouds over us, but it was clear where the sun was setting, so it looked like a golden curtain falling all over the place! I turned around the other way, and saw the moon coming up cuz it was clear over there too! It got brighter and brighter as the sun went down, but when you turn around to watch the sun set, it got orange and pink and purple and still shiny gold and I sawed a rainbow too! I think there were 2...maybe my eyes were being funny. I just sat down and watched it all for a little bit until it stopped sprinkling, then I went back home AFTER I climbed a big hill and stood at the top! I felt really tall! I wanted to run down the hill, but the grass was too tall and it tripped me. :( I had to shake a lot cuz my fur got really wet since it just rained. The clouds kept changing color and got darker...I had to keep stopping to look cuz it was like a cartoon! And I saw lots of birds flying high in a big V. I think they were trying to spell something, but all they did was writed "V" "V" "V"...they don't know their letters like I do! *wags*

When I got home, I was cold cuz it was windy and I was still a little wet, but I didn't get sick! I wanted to take pictures, but my camera is broken... :( Well, my camera isn't broken, but the little card the camera eats doesn't work...it races whenever I put it in the computer and all the pictures disappear. -_- Ooh yeah! So I got home and was wet and shooked before I went in the house. Our bird was outside and he was yelling at the neighbors cat by saying "Shut up! Shut up!" And then the cat ran away and the bird started yelling out "MOOOOOOM! MAMAAAAAAA!" I just laughed cuz she's a silly bird and copies everything someone says. I even teached her how to growl! She doesn't like me though...she hisses and bites at me all the time when I walk by her. Psst! I think she knows I was the one who tried to eat her...I was putting salt in her tail cuz someone told me they can't fly if you do that...but they lied.

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Date:February 10th, 2009 06:17 am (UTC)
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Wow, yer momma lets you take walkies by yourself? No wonder why you went far away and saw many things!

I woke up this morning to use the tree and saw the full moon in the west as it wuz setting. It wuz brite!
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Date:February 10th, 2009 06:30 am (UTC)
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YAY! I sawed the full moon too! But not in the morning...I didn't sleep a lot cuz people were hitting the walls with hammers. AND, they didn't wanna let me have a hammer either! Oh yeah! My mama knows I have a good nose and can find my way home from faaaaaaaaaaar away! :D We need to see the full moon together again! It's fun to watch it with you cuz you get silly. ^_^