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Feb. 18th, 2009 @ 06:00 pm Valentine's Day!!!!!
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Heehee! I'm posting kinda late cuz umm...I was gone again on a trip! ^_^ My favorite yotie scruff_e_coyote came to visit me for the weekend! YAAAAAY!!!!! I was reeeeeally happy to see him again cuz we always have grrrrreat adventures together!

This weekend, first thing we did was go out to eat! I was really hungry for some steak...RUFF!!! *whimpers* But the place had a lot of people there. How come so many people want steak today? Oh well. We went to see "BOLT"! :D Wow! He is 5 human years old but still acts like a puppy! I wanna be just like him when I grow up! He's a big movie star and gets to play whenever he wants and has a beautiful house out in the country with lots of room to run around and play. ^_^ If Scruff E. could live with me out in the country like that, I would be so happy! Bolt reminded me a lot of me and Scruff E. too. Yotie said I make noises and faces like Bolt sometimes...it made me happy. :) Oooh yeah! Before the movie started, we walked around for a while and just woofed and played and went into a 99 treasure (cent) store and looked at all the cheap stuff for fun. :) And we also had lots of popcorn and lemonade while we sawed the movie. ^_^

We didn't get to have a steak cuz the restaurants were too buzy for us canines. I was a little sad, but then Yotie remembered a place I pointed out on the way to the movies called "The Dog House Grill"! What a perfect name for 2 loving canines. ^_^ Scruff had TWO WHOLE Tri-Tip tacos...they were good! I know cuz he let me taste em! I had a gigantic MONSTER BURGER! Ooooh ruff....it was the tastiest burger I've ever had cuz it tasted like barbecue without the barbecue sauce! It was so juicy and .....mmmmmmmMMMMMMmmmmm! We shared some fries too and those were also very tasty. YAY cuz yotie insisted we try the place! I never said no, but I think he thinks I didn't wanna go there. :P

We went to the store to get some drinkies after that, and then we went over to the Hoss's house an hour away! Equus and Flare were already asleep when we got there, so we were quiet when we went to our bedroom. It was a very fun weekend! We went to sleep after woofing a while and I gave the Yotie lots of hugs cuz I was so happy to see him still. ^_^ When we woked up, we had breakfast! Then Yotie and I went for a reeeeeally long walk and talked a lot and it was really pretty in the mountains cuz it was really green. When we got back from our walk, we got into the Hoss's hot tub! RUFF! It felt SOOOOOOOOO NICE! Only half the hot tub was open, so Scruff and I had to be close. After the hot tub, Flare made us a nummy salad with cheese and dressing and little Chinese noodle thingies! :D When nighttime came, yotie and I said g'night to the Hoss's and goodbye to Equus since he had to leave early in the morning.

That night, Scruff E. and I had some funny tasting drink. The bottle said it was a nummy Iced Tea, but the word "Long" was crossed out and it said "Rum Num Island". My head got funny and I was laughing a lot and talking a lot too. So was Scruff E! It tasted REALLY good too cuz we put some tasty red cherries in the drinkies. ^_^ I want some more!

On Monday, we said bye bye to Flare and Scruff E brought me home. I was a little sad cuz I like being with him...but we had a lot of good times, and I know we'll have many more, so it's okay! I hope I can go visit HIM next time. :)

Today while I went for my walkies, there were a LOT LOT LOT of people on the road by the house all the way down and up the street! There were also LOTS of police! I asked them what was going on and they pushed me back and told me Pup's shouldn't be going for walks this far by themselves. I told them "I'm this many!!!" and showed them my paws, but they didn't listen to me and I had to get back. There was a bike race happening! I remember one of the biker's names cuz he is famous I think. His name was Lance Armstrong. Hahaha! That's a funny name. Lance is a bit pointy stick and Armstrong? I wonder if he's strong like Popeye. I waited for a long time and the people finally let me get close cuz I wasn't going away. More police came and behind them were LOTS AND LOTS of peoples on bikes! I wanted to chase them, but the police said I would get in trouble if I did. I wish I had a bike so I could go racing too! I cheered at them as they came by and TWO of the bikers, including Lance Armstrong threw me their water bottle and a candy bar! Well, not a candy bar...an energy bar. I tooked a picture of it! I will put it at the end. ^_^ They were really nice guys! Too bad they couldn't stop to talk...they were in a hurry I think. I don't know where the race finished either.

When I got home, our bird Lolita was being loud and bothering me. My mom was talking to her and fixing her cage and feeding her, so the bird was even louder. I have a video of the birdie! That will be after the picture too. ^_^ So it's been a very good weekend and week! It's been raining a lot, except today it was very clear and nice outside. ^_^

Water Bottles and Snack Bars from Bikers!
(Oh yeah! The blue and white one is from Lance.) *tailwags*

My mama was mad at Lolita
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Date:February 19th, 2009 06:17 am (UTC)
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Those hawsies are nice guys, huh? I don't think I'll eat them though, when I grow up to be a hunter!

And hey, I thought that bottle of funny tasting stuff wuz called "Num Iced Tea" NOT "Rum Iced Tea"! Anyway I want some more too!! Mayhaps I'll get some for my whelpday!!!
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Date:February 19th, 2009 07:28 am (UTC)
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I don't think we could eat them even if we wanted to! They're so big and strong! And we're just a couple of pups. Smart pups! But still pups. Oooh, and thanks for telling me what the name was for the drinkie! I forgot. ^^; I would love some more too! I hope I'm invited to your whelpday!