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Apr. 6th, 2009 @ 11:00 pm It's rain time!
Current Mood: sillysilly
I miss the rain. The man on TV said it's supposed to rain tomorrow! I can't wait! It's been getting warmer and warmer, but it's gonna be really cool tomorrow again! Ruff! Two weekends ago, I went to visit Yotie at his parent's house! They are really nice and they have nice smiles and offer me cookies and fruit. I like to talk with them, but sometimes I get shy and don't know what to say, and they just smile. They've been in love for a really long time I think...and they still go dancing almost every week! I wish I knew how to dance, cuz that looks like fun! Yotie is lucky to have such nice parents! Mine are nice too. ^_^

Last weekend, I took the bunny boy to go visit Kitty and local Yote. He had a good time and made friends with Yote easy! I was glad that Yote didn't eat him cuz he's such a nice bunny. I would be sad if he did that. We went to a carnival! It didn't have rides, just a lot of stores with food and little toys. They called it Big Hat Day, but nobody was wearing big hats! I got to stay up reeeeeeeeeeally late that night. This weekend, I am going to visit Yotie again! This time, we're going to go help a foxy and a bear move to their new domain. Then Yotie's mama said I could stay for Easter Dinner! I don't know if I will though, cuz my mama might want me home by then. Oh well, we're gonna have some good fun when I get there!

Oh, I might get to live in the mountains this summer, but I don't know yet. I'll tell ya if I get to go or not. ^_^
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