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Current Mood: happyhappy

Dawg, FC was SOOOOO much FUN! I got to meets lots of critters including some fur friends that I yipped about before! We dances, and ran around and played tricks on people and pushed all the elevator buttons and giggled at the people who were drinking the silly water and ooooh'd at all the colors people wore when they danced and ate lotsa fud (but no roadrunners sadly)!!! I was very happy even though it rained a lot. So much fun and it felt like it was a looooooooooooooooong time! I went with Scruff E Yotie of course! We shared a bed and stayed up really late laffin' and howling and yowling and making people throw stuffs at us!

Me and Yotie got to be in the Critterlympics this year! I gave myself a different name so nobody would recognize me. I was told I couldn't play anymore cuz I keeped breaking the props, heeheehee, but they didn't know it was me! When we played the sled pull game (My favorite!) My team crashed a lot and we tangled up the kitty! I felt a lot and people were laffing, but it was good fun! We didn't win, but I think the other teams gave the judge guy treats under the table. Booooooooooo!!!

Scruffy came to visit me for Valentines day and we gave each other cards! It's really fun to share cards with close friends. ^_^ I put a video of the kinda card he gave me, but this is not the same one. It is still funny though!

Oooh! And if Yotie isn't sick, we're gonna get together this weekend and go be pups with a lotta other people! I hope they don't call the dawg pound on us if we're not wearing collars and leashes!
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