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Jan. 17th, 2009 @ 06:00 am FULL MOOOOOOOOON!!!
Current Mood: bouncybouncy
Did you all see the full moon last week? Yeah! I know I forgotted to write about it then, but I been busy! ^_^ Oooh! My paw is all better though! WOOF! The moon was SOOOOOOO BIG! And REALLY BRIGHT! My mama said that it was so bright, it looked like there was snow all over the ground. I walked outside a lot that night and I even got to talk with Scruff E! We talked on the phone and woofed and yipped and growled and howled at the moon. Did you know that the moon in January is called the Wolf Moon? Did you also know I was born on the full moon in January? :D Uh-huh! I think that's NEATO!

So yeah...I have been busy taking care of my mama cuz she wasn't feeling good. She wasn't sick, but she wasn't happy, so I danced for her and made her laugh! She got scared when I fell off the couch and onto the table though...and then when she knew I was okay, she got mad that I almost broked it. But she was feeling better, so it's all okay! ^_^ She teached me how to play a gambling game called Bingo and we tried to win some jackpots, but it didn't work.

OH wow! Do you know about "Further Confusion"? It's a convention where there will be lots of other critters just like me! (Psst, don't tell anyone, but I have been to the convention before...just nobody knew who I was cuz I always hided). This year, peoples might see me! But no promises! I'm supposed to be very busy cuz I had to make sure everyone's having fun! And then I get tired and go to sleep. I can't wait! This year, Scruff E is going to be my roommate along with the other Yote who lives close to me and his panther friend! I can't wait! I'll try not to break anything this year. They got really mad last time and almost told me that I couldn't come anymore. I hope that never happens...I like to see all the funny critters and play games with em and talk and tickle em and just be silly! Woof with you later! *HUUUUUGS!!!*
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Jan. 9th, 2009 @ 10:00 pm Happy New Year!!!
Current Mood: thankfulthankful

Did you have a good celebration? I sure did! Guess why!

Hee, if you said cuz the Yotie Boy came to visit me, you were RIGHT!

He came to visit me some days before the new year celebration. ^_^ We had fun around my home and walked around town and pounced him all over the place. We even went up to the school and skateboarded! Nobody was there, so we didn't get yelled at for skating in the halls. :D I got really tired, but it was a lot of fun and I wanted to skateboard more, but it was getting dark. There was also some gymnast bars there for swinging on! I climbed up but didn't wanna swing cuz it was scary.

Scruff E. and I decided to go back home. Oooh yeah! The school was on top of a big hill, so I told Scruff E. that we should Skate board down the hill! He seemed like he didn't want to, but I still did, so I got to the top of the hill and jumped on the skateboard! I was going SOOOOOO FAST! *whimpers* So fast that the skateboard went out of control and I crashed onto the ground and rolled a little. It hurt really bad, but Scruff E. was there to make me feel all better when we got back to the house. ^_^ I hurt my paw pretty bad and had to wrap it up, and that's why I couldn't come here to write about New Years sooner. I didn't let that stop me from having fun though! I checked with some friends, but nobody was doing anything for new years party...but, my mama was ready to have some fun! She bought LOTS of food and bought some sweet drinks and they were YUMMY! We forgot to count down though cuz we didn't have the TV on, but we heard peoples making noises so we knew and celebrated lots! I wanted to yell and howl outside, but it was midnight and some peoples might be asleep. We went to sleep really late.

When we woked up...Scruff E. was poking me and tickling me. I growled and tried to pounce him, but he was stronger than me cuz my paw was hurt still. It didn't hurt though! I just needed to be careful. :) Then...Scruff E. gave me a card and a BIG hug as he yelled out "Happy Whelpday!!!" O_O Wow! I didn't know if anyone would remember! It was really sweet of him and I gave him a super big hug back and waggled my whole body! He took me to the movies in town and it was VERY fun! Then he took me out to eat too! After the movie, we hunged out with some friends in town. There's a kitty panther, a draggy, a mama bear and oooh, another coyote! We had lots of fun and we even gots to spend the night at their place, playing games and watching movies. When we woked up the next day, we went to town more for some Hot Tea! Scruff E said it tasted like hot Kool-aid, and I think he was right!

I didn't get hurt anymore during the trip! :D I got lucky! It was a lot of fun. I miss the Yotie already. :( But, I'm not sad, cuze I know we're gonna see each other again in a couple of weeks! We are going to a convection I think. It's a place where a LOT of other critters come to visit many friends and play games and look at art and have lots of fun! I can't wait! Yotie boy and I are gonna share a room with the kitty and coyote who live nearby me. Maybe you will find me and Scruff E there? If you see us, be sure to say "Hi" and I promise to give you a BIG HUG! Though just make sure you know who I am. ;) We can see who gives who the bigger hugs! If you aren't going...I have to give you a BIG hug next time I see you! Remind me, okay? Cuz sometimes I forget things when I fall too much.
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Dec. 25th, 2008 @ 03:00 am HURRRAAAAAAY!!!!!!
Current Mood: Amazed!!

Yup yup yup! Merry Christmas and....oooh Cookies! Hurray! I like Christmas, cuz me and mama always bake lots of stuffs! This year, we made lots of COOKIES! One kind of cookie is very sweet by itself, but then we cover it with cinnamon and sugar and MMMMMMmmmmmm, it's so much better! Another kind we made are the same sweet, but we color them with frosting so they're pretty. :D My mama had to do the oven cuz she doesn't want me to blow up the kitchen like that one time. She also made some uh...chocolate stuff with marshmallows. I don't remember what it's called. She also made some Fudge...very rich and sweet. I can only have a tiny piece though cuz chocolate makes me feel icky. :(

Some days ago, we also decorated our Christmas tree! Here's a piccy of the tree before the ornaments. I helped with the lights, and mama picked me up to put the star on top! I didn't fall or knock the tree over this time, so she was happy! ^_^ That's all I wanted to do...so she gave me a candy cane and I let other people finish decorating it. And here's a piccy of the tree when it was decorated with ormanents. :)

RUFF! We also decorated inside the house. It was a lot of fun! I got to hammer nails into the wall! ^_^

Today is Christmas...and I KNEW I wasn't gonna be able to sleep. SO!!!!!!! I was hiding behind the tree, waiting for Santa Claus. I set out some snacks to keep Santa busy. Just when I was starting to get sleepy...Silly Santa. I guess he didn't know we had a glass case over our chimney, and when he opened it, he knocked some of our decorations down and I heard it! I looked around the tree, and my tail was wagging cuz it was really him! I giggled quiet cuz he was kinda panicky for making so much noise. But then he saw the snacks...he didn't have a drink, but he took a little nibble from the cookie. I think that's why he's so fat is cuz everyone feeds him cookies. At least he only took a nibble. I couldn't help it...I jumped out from behind the tree and grabbed his leg and yelled out "SANTA!!" He got scared cuz I was being a quiet pup. He jumped a little and I fell back and laughed a little, looking up at him. He's really tall! He smiles and then patted my head. I barked happily, but then he put a finger over his mouth so I could be quiet. It was really hard cuz I was excited. I watched him put a box under the tree wrapped pretty. He said not to open until parents wake up in the morning...*whimpers* So now I have to wait! How will I sleep after something like that? *yawns* Okay...I am a little tired...but it'll be hard! Oh yeah! So he gave me a scritch between the ears and said to keep being a good pup, then he left back up the chimney, and just like magic, all the stuff he knocked over fixed itself! NEAT! I wish I could do that cuz I break a lot of stuff. Well...I better go or my parents are gonna be mad for being up so late.

Everyone, be safe and RUFF! *HUGS* Happy Christmas.
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Dec. 22nd, 2008 @ 07:00 pm SOOOOO MUCH FUUUUNNNNN!!!!!
Current Mood: jubilantjubilant
WOOOOOOOF! Wow...I've had so much fun since last time I writed in here. Like I told ya before, Yotie wanted to go camping, and we made it happen! WHEE! I went down first to visit him, and we gave each other our famous hellos! It lasted a long time, haha. My tail was waggin' so hard, I thought I was gonna fly away! (Oooh, that would be fun!) We packed up all our stuffs and headed on our way! We went all the way to Death Valley! Gosh, it was sure hot there! When I left home, it was cool weather, and then it was like summer again! It tooked me a day to get used to it. We did lots of walking and hiking and climbing! And at the night time when we had to set up camp every day! It made me more tired, but it has to be done or else we get to sleep outside. That might be fun too, but it got very cold in the night time. So cold, hee, I had to hug with Yotie boy to keep warm. I was shy, but I don't wanna freeze all night. It happened like that every night, but when morning came, it gotted hot again. We walked around the desert, visited a small village there, walked across a sandy beach with no water ALLLL the way to the biggest mountain of sand! I was tired and panting a lot, but Yotie was okay. :) THEN we had more fun and RAN REAAAAALY FAST down the mountain of sand! I beated Scruffy down, but then got tired again. After that, we camped some more!

That night, we found a friend who seemed to like yotie! Scruff was very curious about the little Kangaroo Rat...it looked very delicious, but it was hopping too fast. I don't think Scruffy was hungry 'cause it was on his foots and he didn't try to catch it. The next day, we went to a giant crater! I thought it was from a rock falling from the sky, but Scruffy told me it was made by a volcano. COOL! That would be neat to see a volcano erupt! *KERSPLOOOOOOOOOOOODEEEE!!!!!!* I like to pretend I make volcanoes explode when I play in the sand. ^_^ It was a very deep hold, and we went down careful 'cause there was lots of rocks and it was like hard sand. When we got to the bottom, it was a little muddy from the rain days ago. I drewed a picture in the mud. ^_^ I went exploring inside the cracks on the side of the crater and it was really shady and neat in there! We climbed back out and it was very tiring...on the way up, we saw a guy with a camera taking pictures, and a lady with a plushie! It was very cute! I think she said she takes it where ever she goes. ^_^

After the crater, we went to a BIIIIIG house! It was a castle too! It was very old, but still very pretty. The people talked a lot about it, but I got tired and went to look around. When we were there having foods, we saw another coyote! He was really cute, but shy. I walked up to him to see if he wanted to play, but he ranned away from me. He was even shy from Scruffy. Maybe he's not supposed to talk to strangers...he's a smart guy! We said goodbye and camped again in death valley. We met a really nice guy from another country there talking about other camping places like Yohsemitee and Sekwoia. I have been there before and it was nice too! BIG trees. ^_^

Oh yeah! When we woked up, he had a surprise for me...after the visitor center, he tooked me out of California! WOW! I've only been out of California one time for 5 days...and he took me to Nevada where we saw a big Dang. (I can't say the other word or I have to eat soap.) It's the Hoover Dang. There was lots of road construction cuz they were building a bridge. It was really deep and neat! I walked across and we then came to Arizona! Wow! Three states in one day! We said goodbye to the Dang and went farther into Arizona. It was getting late, so we stayed at a hotel room. I wished we were camping more, but it was still nice.

The next day...OH WOW! He's taking us to the Grand Canyon! It was really pretty...a BIG GIANT crack in the earth made from a river and other roshuns. Lots of juniper trees and it smelled really nice. There were a lot of people speaking words I didn't know...they must be from other places far away. I hope I can visit their land sometime. We went to the Hopi House in Grand Canyon and woof! It was really neat to see all the things the Hopi made and did. We camped there for 2 nights and 3 days! And WOW...it got REEEEEALLLY cold there...a lot colder than Death Valley. We came home on the 8th day and I spended the night at Yotie's house. I was kind of sad to say goodbye to him, but I knew we would see each other again.

AND WE DID! But I will tell you about that next time. ^_^

Oooh...wanna know one of my favorite parts about the camping 'sides spending all that wonderful time with the yotie boy? We had Smores and Tea almost every night! Mmmmm...Chocolate and Marshmallows and Gram Crackers are GOOD! And the tea...sometimes we had cold tea when in Death Valley, but in Grand Canyon, we had HOT tea, and that was much more tasty. ^_^ Thanks for reading everyone! I have pictures for you to see if you want! I can see them by clicking on the linky below. (Thanks for hosting the pictars for me!)

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Nov. 11th, 2008 @ 11:00 pm Fall is pretty!
Current Mood: happyhappy
Summer is over! That's both "YAY!!" and "Awww..." Summers are very fun fun fun! You can go to the beach and swim or go surfing or biking and lots of fun stuffs! I am glad it isn't as hot as it used to be. It was so hot, I almost wanted to get my fur cut shorter. Then I would look silly, hahaha! But, it's Fall now! Lots of leaves are starting to change color and fall off the trees. Except for those big pine trees! Maybe that's why they become Christmas trees, because they stay green all the time. They smell SOOOO good! Oooh, it's been very windy and rainy for a while and that makes my tail wag! I run outside in the wind and sniff all the smells from far away that they bring. Fall is the best time for new smells! Lots of fruit and leaves fall from the tree and go back to the ground and it just smells nice. It's also fun to jump in piles of leaves! Then we have to pick them all up before jumping in it again, but that's OK!

Ooh! I have been keeping talking to Yotie Scruffy boy still. He wants to go camping! He was gonna come up to my house to pick me up, but the roads going around to the place to camp is closed because of snow and ice. That's okay...I will find a way to go to him, then we will go camping! I think he said we're going to Death Valley. DEATH VALLEY!?!?!?! *whimpers* I hope nothing happens to us! It sounds really scary. o_o But if a monster attacks us, I'll stand up really big and growl and bark until he goes away! If that doesn't work...I am a good pup at hiding! I hope Scruffy is too! And yay because it's very cold! The only sad part is, it's not daytime long enough anymore. :( It's still dark when I wake up sometimes...I can't go outside at nighttime unless I have a friend or grown up with me. Oh yeah! I will get to see Scruffy on the full moon again! I wish this could be an all the time thing!

Then there's Thanksgiving (fud day) this month too! I would invite Yotie up here, but I think he is going to do things with his family. We will see! I will woof with you next time! ^_^
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Oct. 25th, 2008 @ 06:00 pm Another post!
Current Mood: hyperhyper
Hello again! I just saw you a second ago on my last story, didn't I? Okay! Well today, here by my house at the school, they have a BIIIIIIIG Halloween carnival for all of us pups and parents! There were no rides except a big jump house (which was really fun! I think I jumped the biggest!) But it was aroo! They gave us a bag with candy in it, and I played a game where you throw a ball through a circle. I made 2 out of 3...they gave me 2 prize tickets and a big bag for carrying stuffs! It's a good thing they gave it to me, cuz I also went and grabbed 3 BIG bags of kettle corn! MMMMMMMMMmmmmmm! It's so good! I like kettle corn better than candy! ^_^

They also gave us fruit like watermelon, and then food like a hamburger and chips, and a cinmin roll. I sawed them making it, and I didn't want frosting, and they made it for me just the way I liked it! I am eating it right now! It makes my paws all sticky though...very messy. And then they had a game where you walk around a circle while they play music, and when you stop, they pick a number and if you are on that number, you get a whole cake!!! But I didn't win...it's okay though! It was still fun to run around in a circle! I sawed lots of people in costumes...I dressed up as a BIG wolf! The lady was scared of me when I growled. :D It was fun...I hope to have a bigger and better costume next year!
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Oct. 25th, 2008 @ 05:00 pm Happiest place on earth!!!
Current Mood: excitedexcited
I know I talk about the yotie boy a lot, but that's cuz we have lots of good times together! And this happened again! I was typing to him one night and he said "It would be cool if you could come visit when I'm not working." And it made me a little sad, cuz I really did want to visit him again. And then something great happened! I was able to go! I found a way to get to him and we yipped and yowled and woofed and howled and laughed and cried and had the bestest time ever! He tooked me one of his favorite places...Six Flags Magic Mountain! It was really scary...there weren't a lotta people around...but that's okay cuz that means the lines are really short! We got on almost all the roller coasters! WHEEEEEE! It was great to see the Scruff E. scream and yowl and throw his paws up in the air. I even did it too sometimes! But mostly I just laughed and smiled big. ^_^

The next day, it was a full moon! AROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! It was very windy too, but when it was reeeeeally dark, Scruff E. and I went for a walk to the park and talked for a long time! We heard some neat sounds too and smelled some strange things...and it was great fun! For a long time, we played on the playground and just talked and laughed and I even had to hug him close cuz we were both getting a little cold. It was really nice. ^_^

On another day, yotie and I went to DISNEYLAND!!!!! WOOOOOW!!! I haven't been there in this many moons! *holds up his paws to show you* And it was neat! We went into the haunted house, but it wasn't scary! *puffs his chest out* Nothing can scare me! And it was all Christmassy. It was done like a movie called Nightmare Before Christmas. I saw another doggy while in the house! His name is Zero. We didn't get to talk though cuz he was busy singing and dancing for everyone on the ride. I'll bet he gets lots of food and toys when he's not playing the house! And another neat thing is, he can fly! I wish I could fly.

We also went to see pirates! ARRRRR...oooooooou! They seemed like nice guys! They were dancing and singing, and they had lots of treasure...but I saw some bones too. I think some of them got hurt. But then I sawed what happened. They were bad pirates! They burned towns and stole and shooted people and fighted. Oh, and there was another good doggy there too! He was holding the key for the kennel and the pirates were trying to call him over...but he was a good doggy and didn't give it to them! I bet I could do that job good!

Then we went on a roller coaster a couple times and WOOF! Oh yeah! We also went to California Adventure and rode a buzz lightyear ride. I got a gooder score than yotie, but a friend who brought us there...Kenai, he got the biggest score of everyone for the day! He's really good at that game. Then we went separate ways and yotie and I wanted to get our faces painted...but we didn't because....umm...I don't remember! It would've been neat though!

And we went on a plane and flew all over California! I smelled the pine in Yosemite and the oranges in the valley, and it was just fun! It was so much fun...I can't say it enuff! But I know I wouldn't have had as much fun as I did if the yotie wasn't with me too. Thank you for inviting me over! I'm really glad I could visit again.

Oh yeah...it wasn't all good tho. One of my teef were hurting a lot...I was trying to be a big strong doggy and not let it bother me...but it hurt too bad. The yotie was a very nice guy and took care of me. He hugged me and petted me and made sure I was as good as I could be...*tears in my eyes* I will never forget how good he treated me. He took me to the vet...and I was scared, but I didn't let him know. After the doctor and nurse fixed my toof, the nurse said I was a big pup for being so brave and patted my head and called me cute. I was smiling a little...I wanted to smile more, but my toof still hurted, but I wagged my tail a lot. She said I whimpered cutely...but I don't remember whimpering. And then the next day, yotie took care of me while I got better and I fell asleep with Husky plushie on the floor. And when I woked up, yotie was gone. We said bye before I fell asleep, but I would've liked to give him another really big squeeze before going. Oh well, I'll give it to him next time! :D

I have more to say of what happened today! But I will make another page for it so you don't get confuzzed. ^_^
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Sep. 18th, 2008 @ 12:00 pm YAAAAAY YOTIEEEEE!
Current Mood: bouncybouncy
Hey everyone again! You remember that coyote boy I talked about that other day ago? He said he's coming to visit again!!! YAAAAAY! We are gonna have LOTS of fun, I just KNOW IT! We gonna visit some hossey friends that we both knowed from a long time ago since I was a baby pup. They are very nice to me! They have a fluffy doggy and she's really happy all the time and likes to lick a lot. She's funny too cuz her ears disappear, hahahahahahaha!

Oh yeah! I drewed a picture of the Skr-scur...gosh, your name is hard to say!


He's a very silly friend and he always make me laugh and we have so much fun! He's my very bestest friend. ^_^

Oooh...he liked it so much, I turned it into a badge! See? I think I spelled his name rong tho.

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Sep. 16th, 2008 @ 04:00 pm I SAW THE OCEAN!
Current Mood: ecstaticecstatic
Hi everyone! Oh no! I've been gone a long time, I'm so sorry! But...but I was out having lots of adventures! Do you remember that coyote boy that I wrote about before? Well, he and I became very bestest friends! He sure knows how to have fun everywhere he goes! He showed me the ocean. I never seen so much water in all my life, and it crashed on the land in big white waves! I saw some people throwing frisbees and playing ball and some of them had doggies of their own. I so badly wanted to play with them, but I couldn't. Scruff E. showed me a great time though! Oh...Scruff E. is that coyote boy I told you about. He's really really nice to me and taked me all over the place. He had these big boards to go out on the water with. There was a big one, and a small one. I jumped on the big one and paddled REAAAAAAAALLY fast to get out to the water and it was fun! But, this one time one of the water waves was really big and I fell off. The water tasted VERY salty and didn't taste good to drink. I spit it out a lot and had to rinse when I got out. But that wasn't for later. The yote and I were out on the water a loooong time until it was night time! I was really tired and sleepy. We went camping by the ocean too so he said we could come back for more serfin' in the morning! He kept his promise and we had a lot of fun! There were a lot of froggies at the camp too. I wanted to chase them, but it was really muddy and I couldn't see them.

We traveled a whole lot too. We met a lot of friends and made new ones too! A bear, a fox, another yote, a bat, a gorilla, a jayhawk a kang..kang-uh-roo a pig and even other wuffies and lots of doggies! And lots of other aminals I didn't know what they were! There was a couple kitties too, but I growled at them because- umm, because uh...I don't know, it's fun to growl at kitties!! We still made friends though!

Oooh...we saw another puppy too! He was really cute and I gave him a BIG HUG! He said he liked my hugs and I wanted to give him more, but we had to go home. I hope I can meet him again!

Oh yeah, and I made another really good friend too. He's very cute! A otter! YAAAAY! Did you know otters are river dogs? They even bark! But they eat feesh...they are good, but they smell funny. He was a very nice otter and I hope I can see him again! So much has happened, I can't say it all because it would take too long! Trust me, it was lots of fun! Maybe I will see YOU some day and we can be friends!

I also met a bunnylope guy. I drawed a pikchur for him 'cause he was shy!

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Apr. 12th, 2007 @ 03:00 pm Fly a kite!
Current Mood: excitedexcited
Wheeee! It's really really windy outside! Now I can go fly my new kite! It's not a regular kite though, it looks like a sailboat! I changed the string though so it won't break...I lost my old kite like that. It flies REEEEAAAALLLLLY high in the air and the wind is so strong that I have to fall on the floor or it pulls me with it! Sometimes it's fun to jump in the same way as the wind because you jump really high! Though one time, I got a little scared because I wasn't going back down! o_o The wind was pulling my kite too hard and I was flying away! I held onto the string really tight and threw the rest on the ground so maybe it will tangle on the floor. It got caught on a fence and I slided down okay! ^_^ Man, what an adventure!

OH MY DOG, A CAT!!! No, TWO cats!!! o_o;;

Sniff sniff sniff sniff.....

They don't smell annoying like the neighbor's cat.

Oh...they seem friendly. ^_^ Okay, I guess I can handle a couple of feline friends. :D Welcome to the lion, namiel and the tiger, bluedigitalcat. ^_^ Don't be mean like the neighbor's cat, or I'll...umm. I'll bark at you! RRRRRRRRUFF!!!
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