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Explosive fun with a playful pup!

Disaster pup
2 January
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  • Disaster Pup
Hi everyone! I'm Disaster Pup! Yip! *tailwags* I'm new here, but I'll update when I can. All I can say right now is I'm super hyper and playful. ^_^ I love the outdoors, running around, playing games, chasing others and tripping or tackling them down, hiding, seeking, jumping, frisbee and just a whole lot more that's fun! Though, I am told I can be a bit clumsy at times when I get too hyper. Just keep anything breakable away and we should be just fine!! Anyways, I'm not online often because I love playing outside and playing with my bestest ever friend Scruff E Yotie! If you wanna woof with me, I'm happy to woof back with you! ^_^ *wags his tail and jumps out the window to go play, ripping the screen in the process*